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Goal Conversions, Behavior Analytics and Funnel Analysis

Starts at:
$1,000+ to build.
$100+/month to manage and build reports.

Goals and custom events allow you to track actions that you want your visitors to take on your site. Actions such as signing up to a newsletter, clicking on a “Download” button, registering for a trial account, purchasing a product, clicking on an external link, downloading a file or completing a checkout form of an ecommerce store.

By setting up goals and custom events, you can track the number of conversions, conversion rate, referrer sources and entry pages that are driving conversions and the top pages that people convert on. You can also follow the visitor journey using funnels.

Follow the visitor journey from a landing page to a conversion with our multi-step funnel analysis. The insights from the marketing funnel allow you to uncover possible issues, optimize your site and increase the conversion rate.

Capture Additional Analytics Data

$100 / year

Around 42% of web users report using an ad blocker. This is data you and google analytics are not seeing.

That means you are constantly missing 42% of your actionable analytics data that you could be using to fine-tune your site and business.

This implements a custom proxy service to capture traffic that uses ad-blockers. Built by the software team at Onyx Edge Hosting.

Full Site Link Health Checks

$80 / year

Check your links, improve SEO.

Twice a year full site scan for specific link structures. You’ll receive a CSV file and we can help edit/fix the necessary links.

Scan for external non-HTTPS links, broken links, specific links (example: if your affiliate links changed, or 3rd party scripts changed like your email service), and other link types that could be negatively affecting your SEO.

We’ll follow up with you to establish what link types you want to scan.

Domain Health Monitoring

$25 / year

Constant automated monitoring of domain to ensure that your domain is always in good standing. We will be notified ahead of time of any pending issues to ensure renewal takes place in time to avoid possible site downtime.

Custom Business Email

$100 setup fee
$10 per additional email

Google Workspace account and custom email domain setup. Full DNS setup. First email account is free, $10 per additional email account.

Why this matters:

Unless you use Google Workspace or SaaS solutions like Sendgrid or Sendinblue, you’re going to have a hard time with email, even with MS Exchange. I guarantee it. Your emails probably will go to spam, fail security tests, or not offer the features and information needed for 3rd party apps like email marketing, sales solutions, marketing funnels, etc. Or you’re stuck with figuring out how to generate DMARC and SPF records in your DNS.  If you are in the online business space, you need a proper email hosting service with technical features. Email is actually a really complex tech heavy thing, and it is important to get right. Plus, there are a lot of compliance rules and regulations around email, which is why sticking to the leaders is the smartest move.

Our Email Service Package

We offer an email package where we can get your custom email domain (  setup and configured: DNS records, validations, website-side configuration, advanced security features, etc. We only work with SendinBlue and Google Workspace because they are the industry best in terms of security and features. We can setup and configure a new custom email domain so it’s all ready to go and be used, you just need to log in!

Read more.

AI Assisted/Generated Images

$80 setup fee.
$40 per selected image. Bulk discounts.

We have Pro AI tools that allow us to do some cool things! We can generate a collection of images/graphics/AI-generated photos based on your specs. You choose the images you want to use. We’ll provide a spreadsheet to show bulk discount rates.

This is most often used in these situaitons:

  • When you want similar images to one(s) you already have.
  • When you are looking for specific visuals/idea. Example: “I need images of a group of women gathered together at a meditation space with calm lighting”.
  • When you have a low-quality image that you need to scale up to better quality.
  • Generate logo ideation and mockups.
  • Create large-scale, high quality graphics.
  • Need specific themed photos for your website.


  • Skip the pricey photographer!
  • Elevate your website with professional and cohesive imagery.
  • Great for blogs where you can visually express your specific content.
  • Tell a visual story tailored to your content.
  • Great for generating on-brand social media visuals.

Sonni Web offers an all-inclusive process to design and build your website; keep it in top shape with ongoing maintenance, updates and development work; and provide fully managed web hosting for optimal performance and making your users and google happy. Your complete web environment and web care in one spot.