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Client Profiles: B2B / White Label / Outsource

Client profile: B2B, white label

B2B / white label / outsource

Agency or Service Provider

This type of client is interested in providing more value and offering higher tiered services for their own clients. They use our services to achieve this.

They use SW as part of their tech stack.

The use SW as their hosting provider and thus pass along the SW premium hosting features and benefits to their clients as part of their own web services. Some use it as their standard in-house offer, some use it as an upgrade option. They also may utilize our ongoing maintenance services (depending on their own in-house web team situation), which means they don’t need to worry about maintaining their client websites or server-side needs. We handle that.

These are key high risk, high value, time intensive factors in managing a web environment that they outsource to us. They leave the back-end management and services to us, while they focus on providing their own client-facing services and business growth. It’s a win-win.