Clients that have used Sonni Web services.

*excluding white-label and private clients.

Baby-Led Weaning
Clackamas Community
Clinical Epidemiology Program
Corentus: Team Development and Team Coaching
Cortez Groupe
COSMOS EuroPeel Plus
Eagleville Taekwondo Academy
Farrow Financial
Fine Paints of Europe
Fortified Family
Fourtified Family
Fred Mandell
House of Citrine
Hill Mentoring

Kelly Moore
Kim Ronemus Interiors
Laser Aesthetics Institute
Leslie Mastin Events
Mysterial Woman
Moof Goop
Pregnant Chicken
Riverside Risk Advisors
Sostegno a Distanza
Sterling Coats Painting
The Global Institute for the Arts and Leadership
The Stylish Bride
Upword Speech Therapy



I am so happy to have collaborated and worked with Sonni Web! They gave my business' website a much needed makeover with a branded, creative aesthetic and I could not be more pleased with the end result. Deanna is professional, responsive, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Sonni Web services to anyone!"

Ryanne Z.Business owner, UpWords SF

Sonni Web helped me grow my business by taking care of my online presence while I focused on marketing. LA is a competitive wellness market and I needed an experienced partner to perfect my website so it had max impact. They were wonderful to work with, professional, and really cared about my business success and performed improvements I didn't know existed. I had a few websites before and the whole experience felt like I was wasting money and dealing with disconnected people and having to stop everything I was doing every time there was a problem. This was a new and refreshing experience for me, I highly recommend going this all-in-on route, it saves me time, money and confusion with navigating a vital business aspect that I know little about.

Jessica S.Business owner, yoga studio

It is a distinct pleasure for us to recommend Sonni Web to anybody looking for a unique approach and experience to the vast world of websites, and web design. The reaction to our website has been overwhelmingly positive and as a result, we have seen a dramatic increase in sales. Deanna is professional, comprehensive, and competent throughout every step of our relationship, and without fail, always a few steps ahead in her thinking. When we began our business, we approached Deanna knowing very little about the web world. Her pointed guidance, expertise, and patience have not only been a wonderful teaching exercise but also have given us the confidence to know that all the intricate technicalities are in the best hands possible. In turn, this provides us with the opportunity to focus more on our business development without the worry of particulars. In many ways, we regard Deanna as a strategic partner because she is so fully committed to our growth and success. Together, we continue to make plans for further innovation and growth. We could not foresee the future of our business without Deanna and Sonni Web.

Julia & AndreaMoof Goop

Over the 20 years that I have had my business, I’ve had many web designers and none of them provided the service and quality that Deanna does. She’s a pleasure to work with and has taken my website from a slow performing site that was heavy with things I don’t need to a more sophisticated and fast site that really reflects who we are. There is nothing better than when I get a compliment from a client on my site! I give all the credit to Deanna.

Julie SabatinoThe Stylish Bride

Deanna is a thinking partner as well as executing beautifully on the tasks needing to be completed. She is a creative and business minded professional...I have used elance for over 15 years and have not engaged with someone that was a business professional and executed on all the tasks at hand like Deanna has. I highly recommend Deanna.

Janice C.Corentus

I recently chose Sonni Web to complete a re-design of our website, and was delighted with the immense amount of value they brought to the project. They also provide my hosting and maintenance. Deanna went far beyond just layout and page functionality. She advised us on usability, wording, flow, made marketing-related suggestions that improved our site tremendously. Clients and colleagues have gone out of their way to comment on how amazing our website is since the update. Deanna was extremely professional in how she organized the project. It was easy to work virtually with her because she utilized web-based tools that allowed us to view everything in real time so we could provide feedback and make adjustments. Her eye for design is spectacular. We are, and will continue to use her for ongoing projects. It's like having our own marketing / online business specialist on staff, which is extraordinary for a business as small as ours. If you decide to utilize her skills, you will be very pleased with the results.

Sherene KFounder, Evolve180

Deanna is the genius behind all the tech stuff here at the Burd. When I first started the site I just designed the site around my ability – can’t make a sidebar there, no problem, I’ll just move it over here. Now I can email Deanna with stuff like, “Deanna, something is going fucky with the images can you fix that?” or “Deanna, I want to have that little thingy that makes the page jump back to the top. Can you do that?” She’s a magic web wizard with a keen eye for design and I’d be lost without her.

Amy MorrisonFounder, The Pregnant Chicken

Our client Moof Goop saw over a 300% increase in sales after we re-imagined, re-designed, and built a new website under our hosting.

This fun slime product is popular on TikTok and their old website would time-out during traffic surges and didn’t have the cool whimsical look to match the product. This resulted in a loss of sales and wasted opportunity from the product’s viral videos. Now when a TikTok video goes viral, their website can handle the high traffic with no compromise to performance. New email marketing campaigns and e-commerce features like abandon cart emails, special email list offers, and a real-time sales popup to boost social proof and buzz, credibility, and conversions. Placing their web care in our hands allowed them to focus on their business and expand to other markets. Check out Moof Goop!

That’s the power of: effective design tailored to the target audience, strategic web features to support key objectives, high-performance hosting to keep users on the site, and a sharp eye for design and knowledge of what works! 

And coming soon…The Moof Scoop!

Our client had such a success with our website redesign and online business strategy that we are expanding our partnership with their new venture! The Moof Scoop will be a membership site for young entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for more details.

Your expertise and passion for what you do shine through in everything! We are excited to continue to partner with you.

The Moof team

We took our client Pregnant Chicken’s large audience and:

  • increased their mobile Google Page Speed ranking by 270%
  • increased their desktop Google Page Speed ranking by 40% – a huge increase by Google’s standards
  • Currently working on building a Membership platform with Ghost.

Check them out!

That’s the power of: feature-rich hosting that contributes to better SEO, knowing the analytics and audience behavior, SEO audits, and long-term web care so the client can focus on making great content.

We re-designed and built a new website and custom software for Sostegno. Expanding their reach and donation features.

  • we added new donation options to expand their non-profit impact and to appeal to younger donors.
  • we built custom software to facilitate their entire donation functionality from donor and sponsor management, to a new front-end UI for donors to see updates on their sponsorships.
  • we relieved the client from excess costs and confusion associated with multiple web vendors. This allowed them to focus more on growing their business.
  • their new website has received praise from their non-profit community, and now has a better mobile reach.

Check them out!