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Helpful Info

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Sending/Sharing Files

  • Send images or other visual assets via a file sharing tool like Dropbox or Google Drive. Send a direct link to the folder or file, or give me access.
  • If using Dropbox, please share in a way that does not require me to add the content to my own Dropbox account. Share the direct link, don’t “give me access”.
  • Do not send images or other visual assets via an email attachment. That degrades the quality.

Sharing Account Access

  • You might have to share your login to pertinent apps like social accounts, or email clients like Mailchimp, or other apps like Calendly. I use a password manager that safely encrypts stored passwords.

Keeping Resources and Assets

  • If I send you instructions, links, downloads, or other resources or assets, please save, download or keep as required for your own reference. I might not maintain those documents or resources on my end long term. Once I send them to you, I assume you are taking over responsibility for their long term storage and retrieval.
  • When a project is done, I will share with you any pertinent assets and files.

Working Terms

How We Work

As a digital, remote operation – we don’t follow a traditional ‘office’ lifestyle and aim to apply balance, efficiency, and care in all that we do. Since we work a little differently, I’m hoping this page will provide clarity for how we sustainably best serve our clients and offer the unique higher-touch services we do, whether that’s working with me, Deanna, or Luke for software projects (“us, we, I, me, my”). We keep a small group of clients so that we can provide a high level of attention, standards and care, which is a cornerstone of Sonni Web, and something you just don’t find these days without paying high agency rates or making compromises.

In supporting our best work environment, we follow a Maker’s Schedule, which includes working at our best hours of focus, not necessarily 9-5. To focus uninterrupted on client work we do not take unscheduled calls and primarily communicate via email, which over the years has proven to be most effective. Sensible flexibility is always offered when it can be accommodated. I can only do scheduled calls before 12pm noon PT. Due to my schedule, I cannot accommodate calls later than that. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Contacting Me

Email is the best communication medium for me. Slack and text messages are not in my task management pipeline. Much of my work is deep-focus type of work (see Makers Schedule), where I’m solely focusing on client work for long stretches of time and don’t let distractions like emails or Slack get in the way. Our working agreement is not an “on-call” one. We are not immediately available and work needs to be communicated early and scheduled out. Intuitively, I hope this makes sense: it cannot be expected that we don’t have any work going on except for when we hear from you. We would be broke 😋

I reply to emails within 24 hours during regular work days, usually sooner. All U.S. holidays are observed and extended time-off periods are communicated via email.


December is a busy month for web development work. December 1 is the deadline to request any new work for the month of December. Major holidays are a busy work time for us, and any holiday specific work should be communicated and planned well in advance. We won’t be available for rush work or edit requests during the week leading up to major holidays, as that time is allotted for wrapping up pre-planned work, final reviews and personal time off. 

Plan Ahead

In supporting a healthy work environment and mindset, we do take hard time offline, and those times may not always align with your downtime, your business’ downtime, launches, new ideas, or your personal schedule. The best way to ensure you have support when you need it is to plan ahead for the work you’ll need. We will communicate any extended time off in advance. As a reminder, even during our time off, we do have automations and 24/7 monitoring for our hosting and are alerted as soon as anything unexpected happens.


Without a retainer agreement, any requested web work is subject to availability and will need to be scheduled out. If you need quicker and more frequent availability of our services, I suggest we discuss a retainer agreement, so that there is more allotted time for our work together.


It’s the Clients responsibility to communicate if they have a budget or time limitation for any communicated project, task or time frame, so we can tailor the work accordingly. Accurate estimations with web work is near impossible due to the reality of work collaboration and the complex, always unique process of building a website, managing a web environment, or open-ended tasks like research. There are many intelligent examinations of this online if you’d like to learn more. We can provide loose estimations, but in reality there are always unknowns and fluctuations of scope. If there is no specific budget given, billable work will proceed in a manner that satisfies the client’s requests, scope of work discussed, web development best practices, and exercising time efficiency.

Accepting Work

There might be online work you need that is not within the Sonni Web scope. I’m not available in an “on-call employee” or “Virtual Assistant” capacity. Any exception would be specifics outlined in our retainer agreement, if applicable.  Rather I do focused work designed to achieve the goals and services outlined for Sonni Web: primarily web hosting, website technical maintenance, ongoing website work for Sonni Web hosted websites, and website redesign. If a task falls outside of that arena, I might not be the best suitable resource. It is possible that I will turn down work that is outside my scope of services.

Advanced Custom Programming and Software Development

My partnership with Onyx Edge Hosting provides access to software engineers whom I can engage for advanced technical work. Examples: custom software work such as database builds (think: Membership software, customer database, custom e-commerce system), custom apps, widgets, scripts, Slack bots, iOS/Mac app development, micro-services, etc. This would be subject to the availability and suitability of the Onyx Edge team and is quoted on a per project basis. Advanced software and programming projects are best suited for big budget projects. Deanna acts as project manager and liaison, but the work is entirely executed by the Onyx Edge team and is subject to their own terms and rates.

thank you!

Deanna Sonni

your strategic web partner