Welcome to Sonni Web

A holistic approach to web hosting, development & care.

An all-inclusive process to design and build your website, keep it in top shape with ongoing maintenance and development services, and provide fully managed advanced web hosting for optimal performance and ranking higher in Google’s Core Vitals.

Covering the foundational tech to the user experience – these are the pillars to a successful website. Typically these are handled by separate providers creating a fragmented and confusing web environment to manage, diminishing website performance, and higher costs and wasted time.

Sonni Web is your strategic online partner. We take care of your entire website environment all in one spot so you can focus on your business.
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The Process

all in one


  • 1 – Select your web hosting package. The foundation to a successful website is great hosting. This includes ongoing technical maintenance. Your website will be monitored and maintained in top shape 24/7.
  • 2 – Design & Build, or Improve. Optional. We strategize and customize to reflect your website goals to create a polished, modern, and professionally designed responsive website that today’s users will loveIf you already have a website, we do a comprehensive website audit and apply website-side improvements to get your site up to our high standards.
  • 3 – Select your long term care plan. Optional. A monthly retainer to ensure a strategic partner is on hand for website work and consultation.


A few examples of our work and templates.

Today’s web user is picky with high standards, and our work reflects a higher expectation.

Our work and insights as your strategic online partner saves you time, delivers results, gives you peace of mind, and offers intangible value, for the long term.


Fully Managed Web Hosting & Maintenance

Built by software engineers with boutique level care and service.

Fully Managed Web Hosting

Superior hosting options showcasing the highest standards of the latest technologies. Our service is high touch and online assets are monitored 24/7. This isn’t a resell of cheap hosting like agency and commercial options offer, this is proprietary custom built hosting service.

Technical Maintenance

Protect your investment by leaving your website in good hands. Regular technical maintenance is required for the health, security and functionality of websites. We monitor your website 24/7. If you already have a resource that covers this and you just need web hosting, that works too.

SEO Features

Google’s changing landscape for measuring a website’s value is difficult and can be expensive to stay on top of. We stay on top of it and offer built in optimization, conversion, and compression features combined with ultra fast rendering to improve site metrics and page speed ranking to make Google happy. What normally requires a lot of development work is now done for you server side.

Custom Programming

Clients can engage our software engineers for advanced technical work from custom apps, scripts, Slack bots, iOS/Mac app development, micro-services and more.

Web hosting custom built by:Onyx Edge

“Web hosting plays a vital role. Not just for page speed, but it’s what will keep users on your site longer, increase conversions, and improve SEO. Google measures performance and tech integrity first, not keywords or other on-page SEO. Due to its illusive complexity, it’s an often overlooked key element to online business success.”

Web Development

Long Term Care

A monthly retainer  so you always have a pro on hand.

Optionally, select a retainer package. Maintain a high standard with your web environment by ensuring a strategic partner is on hand for any website work, consultation and strategy needed. Our retainer package also includes valuable monthly reports, analytics, tools and insights we share with you in an easy to understand way. It also ensures our continued engagement and gives us more time to perfect the many layers of your site and online business goals – improving the macro and micro elements.

It takes a lot of time, trial and error to find quality web developers that don’t charge agency prices, yet have the range of experience to give you objective insight. Web work also doesn’t do well with shifting hands – it’s too complex and costly technical debt builds up.

Let us bring our eclectic experience with online business, tech, design, strategy, effective UI, web apps and tools, conversion flows and more to your online business.

Client Success

Our client Moof Goop saw over a 300% increase in sales after we re-imagined, re-designed, and built a new website under our hosting.

This fun slime product is popular on TikTok and their old website would time-out during traffic surges and didn’t have the cool whimsical look to match the product. This resulted in a loss of sales and wasted opportunity from the product’s viral videos. Now when a TikTok video goes viral, their website can handle the high traffic with no compromise to performance. New email marketing campaigns and e-commerce features like abandon cart emails, special email list offers, and a real-time sales popup to boost social proof and buzz, credibility, and conversions. Placing their web care in our hands allowed them to focus on their business and expand to other markets. Check out Moof Goop!

That’s the power of: effective design tailored to the target audience, strategic web features to support key objectives, high-performance hosting to keep users on the site, and a sharp eye for design and knowledge of  what works! 

Sonni Web helped me grow my business by taking care of my online presence while I focused on marketing. LA is a competitive wellness market and I needed an experienced partner to perfect my website so it had max impact. They were wonderful to work with, professional, and really cared about my business success and performed improvements I didn't know existed. I had a few websites before and the whole experience felt like I was wasting money and dealing with disconnected people and having to stop everything I was doing every time there was a problem. This was a new and refreshing experience for me, I highly recommend going this all-in-on route, it saves me time, money and confusion with navigating a vital business aspect that I know little about.

Jessica AL.A. Yoga Studio owner