Deanna Sonni
548 Market St #97291 San Francisco, California 94104 United States

Payment Options

In accordance with our Working Agreement, I can only accept digital payment options that have no receiving/transaction fees. All methods below have no receiving-end fees.

You can find me via my email or name with all options below.

Note: I’m a digital operation. Checks are difficult to process. There is a $25 fee added for checks due to my digital mail system and how I have to process checks.

SCHWAB: PREFERRED: contact me for my account info.
WELLS FARGO: You can send a Zelle transfer using my contact info that’s provided on my invoice.
PAYPAL: A no-fee option like Friends and Family (this is something you set up on your account).
VENMO: A transaction marked as a “goods or service” cannot be accepted as there is a fee.
TRANSFERWISE: – for international clients only.
CREDIT CARD: There will be a 3% fee added to cover the transaction charge. Let me know if you prefer this method and I can send an invoice via Square.


Many thanks for the pleasure of working with you.