Web Development

Pricing Plans

Website design, build and deploy

Our high standards towards quality work, effective UI, modern practices, robust features from our backend technical structures to user-side experience is always part of our value and our holistic approach with every package. Especially if you have worked with other web developers or agencies – we are confident you will recognize the value, expertise, high-touch care and ease of mind we bring to your business.

Pricing Terms & Logic

The pricing plans reflect the level of overall work, strategy, and complexity of goals, features, integrations and outcomes. It also reflects the time, apps, tools, resources and insights available from us. This is a unique value-centric feature of Sonni Web. Over the years we realized this is better for both sides, as it allows us to invest the deep time and scope flexibility needed, and gives you high visibility and certainty, removes your risk of surprise costs and fluctuations, and allows both of us to focus on what matters.

In our experience, the below price is what a client ends up paying in total, with no need to go over.
If your project scope significantly changes after we start, we can proceed with an hourly rate: $85/hr.

These prices reflect the FULL price of a well-done, effective Sonni Web standards version ready to launch. Since certain aspects to websites have an element of collaboration, subjectivity and late add-ons resulting in unknown extra time, we leave room for this situation by offering an hourly rate if you want to adjust the scope work.



This reflects a standard small-medium website, with standard features such as social feeds, contact form, simple gallery or services, about/team page, email marketing integration, conversion focused homepage. Usually around 4-5 pages. If you are a small business or solo operator, your website needs probably fit into this range.



This reflects a website with more robust needs, features and functionalities to support strong conversion goals, calls-to-action, effective service offers, third-party integrations, email marketing integration, and more. Usually 4-10 pages.

E-commerce / Complex


This reflects the complexities of building out e-commerce with all of the Business or Service package considerations. E-commerce is a significant build project requiring the use of multiple resources, apps and strategy. This pricing tier is also suitable for more complex websites.

Not Ready to Invest in Your Website Success?


$500 flate rate

This is a thorough assessment and outline of your web environment and our recommendations: hosting, website, conversion funnels, app/SaaS options, messaging, specific SEO considerations, etc., so that you have a portable working road map to take to another web developer. You will have a complete outline of what you need to achieve with your website and hosting to meet your online goals.

During the process

During the course of building the website, we are in close communication with you and share our work ideas, drafts and options for your review and consideration, so you are part of the process. We will have the opportunity to apply and revise based on our mutual feedback and discussions.


We will review a draft version around the 90% completion mark. Since we’ve been in contact throughout, there shouldn’t be any major change in scope or direction at this point. This is the time to review final “last-mile” elements. The last 10% of the build is known work. If there is any new work requests, or changes of scope at this point (new features requests, etc), then we will potentially charge hourly for these new requests if applicable. We don’t anticipate this being the case. 


After 30 days of the website being live, any new work requests or changes of scope at this point (new feature requests, etc) will require a Retainer package.