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Special Offer

for your

Small Business

A website sets a visual and functional tone for your business. If your website is polished and professional, easy to navigate, and user friendly – your customers will think that about YOUR BUSINESS as a whole. Users will go with the more modern, professional site as it conveys trustworthiness and authority, so ensure that’s YOUR site!

It’s a first impression that really matters!


We’d like to extend our all inclusive web services to the small business community with a special offer.

Maybe you need a new website, or a modernization/refresh of your existing website to showcase your services and portfolio better, or you’d like to make updates to your current website, or have web problems and don’t have a reliable go-to resource. We handle it all! This offer is specifically tailored to a small businesses web needs.

The Sonni Web homepage will give you a complete walk through of our services and why they are crucial for online success.

How It Works

1. Get on our hosting.

  • Hosting is the foundational key to a successful website, and it is a required service for SW. Our custom hosting is feature-rich with advanced SEO features to make google happy, and performance features to make users happy.

2. If you already have a website:

  • We simply transfer it over to our hosting. We do a comprehensive website audit and apply website-side improvements to get your site up to our high standards. Just transferring your site over to our hosting will improve your site’s SEO and user experience.
  • Or, we can do a redesign / rebuild. This is recommended as it ensures a pro is developing the best website from the ground up. Many websites are built poorly, which reflects as slower websites that users leave, poor SEO, lower conversions and exposure, and makes your business look amateur.

2. If you need a new website:

  • We will design and build you a great one! We will incorporate all the best practices and features that users and google will love, tailored to this special offer’s budget.
  • We will work with you to identify your goals, services, and features needed for your website to be a strong reflection and communication for your business.

3. Consider long term care.

  • This special offer includes 30 minutes a month of web development work with the Standard package. This is enough to add minimal new content and images. If you want more engagement and help from us, please consider the Professional Plan below or discussing Retainer options.
  • You can engage our web development services on an hourly basis, without a retainer, but it is subject to our remaining availability. Hourly rate is $85/hr.

This is a lot of info, but to be honest, many clients just send over their google doc outline or their existing old website and say “here, create a new/better site, see ya later”, and let us work our magic, so this isn’t a burden on your side of things. 

Invest in the high value of a great business website!

Some Examples

See websites of other small businesses that we’ve helped build, grow and manage.

See Examples


Hosting + Ongoing Maintenance + Website Updates

all in one!

Superior hosting options showcasing the highest standards of the latest technologies.
Our service is high touch and online assets are monitored 24/7.
Your site will be maintained by us to ensure top health, security and performance.

Many of these features are not common with web hosting providers. We move a lot of weight from the web development/WordPress side to the server side for higher performance, speed, and add features to help your site rank higher in Google’s SEO algorithm / Google Page Speed Insights ranking, and better user experience. Visit Onyx Edge Hosting to learn more.




30 minutes of web development availability included.

  • On-page SEO
  • Our feature-rich hosting.
  • Ongoing technical maintenance. A  $1,200+ / year value. Regular technical maintenance is required for the health, security, and performance of your website. Don’t go without it!
  • SSL
  • Daily backups for two weeks
  • Advanced caching
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerts
  • Data encryption
  • Compression and minification
  • DNS configuration
  • Advanced security measures
  • reCaptcha
  • Sitemap configuration
  • Theme, scripts, plugin updates



1 hour of web development availability included.

Project Level, and…

  • WebP image conversion (Google’s #1 recommendation to rank higher in Google Page Speed Insights/SEO)


Website Design and Build

Our pricing reflects the value of outcomes, our expertise, and level of engagement. It also reflects the time, apps, Pro tools, resources and insights we utilize. This is a unique value-centric feature of Sonni Web. Over the years we realized this is better for both sides, as it allows us to invest the deep time and scope flexibility needed, and gives you high visibility and certainty, removes your risk of surprise costs and fluctuations, and allows both of us to focus on what matters.

Please note that these are fixed prices, not estimates. You will not pay more than your selected package, and we will adhere to the designated web development specs assigned to that package. Example: we will build a website within the cost framework we structured for the Standard package. If you decide you want a significant extra feature outside of the scope we outline together, we will consider those extra features and will need to price that as an additional expense.

Website Build – Standard


fixed cost

  • All website best practices employed from the foundational servers to the user experience.
  • Standard website, around 5 pages: home, about, services, portfolio/gallery, contact and form.
  • Social and 3rd party integrations.
Website Build – Large


fixed cost

  • All website best practices employed from the foundational servers to the user experience.
  • Larger or complex website, around 6-9 pages: home, about, services, portfolio/gallery, contact and form, case studies, FAQ, video, and more complex integrations or layout builds.
  • Social and 3rd party integrations.

Ready to Start? Have Questions?

We are happy to discuss how Sonni Web can work with your requirements!

Contact Us
Julia & AndreaMoof Goop

It is a distinct pleasure for us to recommend Sonni Web to anybody looking for a unique approach and experience to the vast world of websites, and web design. The reaction to our website has been overwhelmingly positive and as a result, we have seen a dramatic increase in sales. Deanna is professional, comprehensive, and competent throughout every step of our relationship, and without fail, always a few steps ahead in her thinking. When we began our business, we approached Deanna knowing very little about the web world. Her pointed guidance, expertise, and patience have not only been a wonderful teaching exercise but also have given us the confidence to know that all the intricate technicalities are in the best hands possible. In turn, this provides us with the opportunity to focus more on our business development without the worry of particulars. In many ways, we regard Deanna as a strategic partner because she is so fully committed to our growth and success. Together, we continue to make plans for further innovation and growth. We could not foresee the future of our business without Deanna and Sonni Web.

Julie SabatinoThe Stylish Bride

Over the 20 years that I have had my business, I’ve had many web designers and none of them provided the service and quality that Deanna does. She’s a pleasure to work with and has taken my website from a slow performing site that was heavy with things I don’t need to a more sophisticated and fast site that really reflects who we are. There is nothing better than when I get a compliment from a client on my site! I give all the credit to Deanna.

Jessica A.Yoga Studio Owner

Sonni Web helped me grow my business by taking care of my online presence while I focused on marketing. LA is a competitive wellness market and I needed an experienced partner to perfect my website so it had max impact. They were wonderful to work with, professional, and really cared about my business success and performed improvements I didn't know existed. I had a few websites before and the whole experience felt like I was wasting money and dealing with disconnected people and having to stop everything I was doing every time there was a problem. This was a new and refreshing experience for me, I highly recommend going this all-in-on route, it saves me time, money and confusion with navigating a vital business aspect that I know little about.

Janice C.Corentus

Deanna is a thinking partner as well as executing beautifully on the tasks needing to be completed. She is a creative and business minded professional...I have used elance for over 15 years and have not engaged with someone that was a business professional and executed on all the tasks at hand like Deanna has. I highly recommend Deanna.

Sherene KFounder, Evolve180

I recently chose Sonni Web to complete a re-design of our website, and was delighted with the immense amount of value they brought to the project. They also provide my hosting and maintenance. Deanna went far beyond just layout and page functionality. She advised us on usability, wording, flow, made marketing-related suggestions that improved our site tremendously. Clients and colleagues have gone out of their way to comment on how amazing our website is since the update. Deanna was extremely professional in how she organized the project. It was easy to work virtually with her because she utilized web-based tools that allowed us to view everything in real time so we could provide feedback and make adjustments. Her eye for design is spectacular. We are, and will continue to use her for ongoing projects. It's like having our own marketing / online business specialist on staff, which is extraordinary for a business as small as ours. If you decide to utilize her skills, you will be very pleased with the results.

Amy MorrisonFounder, The Pregnant Chicken

Deanna is the genius behind all the tech stuff here at the Burd. When I first started the site I just designed the site around my ability – can’t make a sidebar there, no problem, I’ll just move it over here. Now I can email Deanna with stuff like, “Deanna, something is going fucky with the images can you fix that?” or “Deanna, I want to have that little thingy that makes the page jump back to the top. Can you do that?” She’s a magic web wizard with a keen eye for design and I’d be lost without her.

Ryanne ZUpWords SF

I am so happy to have collaborated and worked with Sonni Web! She gave my business' website a much needed makeover with a branded, creative aesthetic and I could not be more pleased with the end result. Deanna is professional, responsive, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Sonni Web services to anyone!

Sonni Web offers an all-inclusive process to design and build your website; keep it in top shape with ongoing maintenance, updates and development work; and provide fully managed web hosting for optimal performance and making your users and google happy. Your complete web environment and web care in one spot.