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Helpful Info

Helpful Info

My info

Deanna Sonni
548 Market St #97291
San Francisco CA 94104
Link to my W9

Sending/Sharing Files

  • Send, share, invite: Or for google related sharing.
  • Send images or other visual assets via a file sharing tool like Dropbox or Google Drive. Send a direct link to the folder or file, or give me access.
  • If using Dropbox, please share in a way that does not require me to add the content to my own Dropbox account. Share the direct link, don’t “give me access”.
  • Do not send images or other visual assets via an email attachment. That degrades the quality. We cannot use this.
  • Do not share images or other visual assets that are added to a Drive doc or other online document format. That degrades the quality and is difficult to extract. We cannot use this.

Sharing Account Access

  • You might have to share your logins to pertinent apps like social accounts, email clients like Mailchimp, or other apps like Calendly. I use a password manager that safely encrypts stored passwords.

Keeping Resources and Assets

  • If I send you instructions, links, downloads, or other resources or assets, please save, download or keep as required for your own reference. I might not maintain those documents or resources on my end long term. Once I send them to you, I assume you are taking over responsibility for their long term storage and retrieval.
  • When a project is done, I will share with you any pertinent assets and files.


  • I like to keep things lean and streamlined. I use Google Drive whenever I can. It’s the most common platform to create live docs, store assets, share docs, comment and collaborate.
  • Any document requiring a signature will be sent via Hello Sign.
  • Any recurring invoice will come via Square.

Payment Options

In accordance with our Working Agreement, I can only accept digital payment options that have no receiving/transaction fees. All methods below have no receiving-end fees. * If there is a transaction fee on our end, we will immediately pass that fee to the Client, or not accept the transaction and require a new one.

You can find me via my email or name with all options below.

SCHWAB: PREFERRED: contact me for my account info.
WELLS FARGO: You can send a Zelle transfer using my contact info.
PAYPAL: A no-fee option like Friends and Family (this is something you set up on your account).
VENMO: A transaction marked as a “goods or service” cannot be accepted as there is a fee.
TRANSFERWISE: – for international clients only.
CREDIT CARD: There will be a 3% fee added to cover the transaction charge. Let me know if you prefer this method and I can send an invoice via Square.

Web & Tech Insights & Considerations

Your Email Provider

Unless you use Google Workspace or SaaS solutions like Sendgrid or Sendinblue, you’re going to have a hard time with email. I guarantee it. Your emails probably will go to spam, fail security tests, or not offer the features and information needed for 3rd party apps like email marketing, sales solutions, etc . If you are in the online business space, you need a proper email hosting service. Email is actually a really complex tech heavy thing, and it is important to get right. Plus, there are a lot of compliance rules and regulations around email, which is why sticking to the leaders is the smartest move.

We offer an email package where we can get your custom email domain (  setup and configured: DNS records, validations, website-side configuration, advanced security features, etc. We only work with SendGrid and Google Workspace because they are the best in terms of security and features.

We can setup and configure a new custom email domain so it’s all ready to go and be used, but we are limited in how much we can help you with your existing email setup on your local computer. There are endless personal customizations and settings that we wouldn’t be able to have knowledge of or assist with. If it’s available on your current email host, we will back up your emails, but it’s up to you on how you handle email on your local computer.

Contact us to learn more about getting setup with a proper email service.


Browsers are one of the annoying compatibility challenges for web development. All browsers are independent with different tech development and rendering, which leads to websites looking different on different browsers and their screen sizes. For instance, Safari usually shows fonts as sharper and thinner and colors brighter than Chrome. Firefox renders fonts even thicker than Chrome. Unless your audience is extremely fringe, the majority of your users are using Chrome and on their phone. Second would be Safari. Internet Explorer is a notoriously junky browser full of problems. Certain scrips will load better on some browsers than others, with Chrome being the most sensitive to script issues and programming incompatibilities.

The point is, all browsers are different. Your website will look a bit different on each one. There is also considerable development time put into appeasing all browsers and providing the required programming for each browser’s unique specifications. We can only focus on providing the best browser experience for the latest two versions of each browser. Most people receive automatic browser updates, ensuring we all are on the latest version.


Google Page Speed Insights (GPS) is the only analytics worth looking at for site metrics. For SEO, there are some leading software options, which we use for our retainer clients.

GPS is tricky and misleading for non-web professionals to understand and place in perspective. I’ll continue to expand on this topic to provide more insight. GPS has a ranking system, bad to good, – red, orange and green. For desktop – your site should be in the higher end of orange or green. For mobile it probably is in red. Websites that have invested $30k++ into website performance will still show mobile in red. Google will tell you orange and red is “bad”. This is where clients get confused out of context because there are so many factors and players involved. First, we need to remember that this is all a business. There are billions of dollars to be lost if Google takes it easy on us with these rankings. It’ll be almost impossible for a large website to be in high orange or green for mobile.

It’s best to focus on the number and how your site compares to its competitors. If you are a Sonni Web retainer client, you will notice your website ranks better than your competitors with similar sized websites.

The biggest ranking killers:

  •  Ads. If you have ads on your site, you have extreme limitations on improving your ranking.
  • Third party scripts. These are unavoidable if you have a professional managing your website like Sonni Web ensuring only what is needed is used.
  • Unused scripts. Sonni Web services resolves these to the fullest extent available.
  • Images that are too big and not in next Gen format. Sonni Web services resolves these to the fullest extent available.
  • Slow hosting. Sonni Web services resolves these to the fullest extent available.
  • Compression, minification not being utilized. Sonni Web services resolves these to the fullest extent available.

All of these (except Ads to a large extent), can be vastly improved, but not eliminated. And since they cannot be eliminated, GPS will always show it as a “needing improvement”. GPS is delivering a black and white assessment of a gray world. There’s a lot of technical nuances and complications to it, making it a frustrating element for clients to navigate. To be blunt about it, you won’t understand it, nor understand why your website cannot be in green for mobile. Many businesses spend a ton of money hiring agencies to “fix” their ranking, only to end up with no significant changes or to end up with an awfully ugly “SEO website” that’s two pages long.

The insider’s truth is: At the end of the day there’s a certain amount of work that is needed for a great, successful website, and after that it’s just wheel spinning that results in no real ROI or goal conversion. Plenty of marketing and web and SEO agencies paint a different picture because they have a lot of confusion jargon to sell you on. 

Sonni Web delivers fast websites that users love. A website that performs well on google, and has all the best practices applied on the front and back end so that it’s living its max potential considering the tools, resources and applications needed for the website. We put effort and Best-Of where it matters.

Our Design and Build Perspective and Approach

Thoughts coming soon!

Working Terms

How We Work

As a digital, remote operation we don’t follow a traditional “office lifestyle” and aim to apply balance, efficiency, and care in all that we do. Since we work a little differently, I’m hoping this page will provide clarity for how we sustainably best serve our clients and offer the unique higher-touch services we do, whether that’s working with Deanna, or Luke for software projects (“us, we, I, me, my”). We keep a small group of clients so that we can provide a high level of attention, standards and care, which is a cornerstone value of Sonni Web.

In supporting our best work environment, we follow a Maker’s Schedule, which includes working at our best hours of focus, not necessarily 9-5. To focus uninterrupted on client work we do not take unscheduled calls and primarily communicate via email, which over the years has proven to be most effective. Sensible flexibility is always offered when it can be accommodated. I can only do scheduled calls before 12pm noon PT. Due to my schedule, I cannot accommodate calls later than that. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Contacting Me

Email is the best communication medium for me. Slack and text messages are not in my task management pipeline. Our working agreement is not an “on-call” one. We are not immediately available and work needs to be communicated early. I reply to emails within 24 hours during regular work days, usually sooner. All U.S. holidays are observed and extended time-off periods are communicated via email.


December is a busy month for web development work. December 1st is the deadline to request any new work that needs to be completed in the month of December. Major holidays are a busy work time for us, and any holiday specific work should be communicated and planned well in advance. We won’t be available for rush work or edit requests during the week leading up to major holidays, primarily Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, as that time is allotted for pre-planned work, final reviews and personal time off. As a reminder, even during any off-time our hosting, maintenance and insights are still being monitored and maintained 24/7.

Plan Ahead

In supporting a healthy work environment and mindset, we do take hard time offline, and those times may not always align with your downtime, your business’ downtime, launches, new ideas, or your personal schedule. The best way to ensure you have support when you need it is to plan ahead for the work you’ll need. We will communicate any extended time off in advance. As a reminder, even during any off-time our hosting, maintenance and insights are still being monitored and maintained 24/7.


We focus on offering long term value from our process, insights, results and expertise, not counting labor hours. A Retainer is required for our ongoing engagement and availability. Please see our Retainer options.


It’s the Clients responsibility to communicate if they have a budget or time limitation for any communicated project, task or time frame, so we can tailor the work accordingly. Accurate estimations with web work is near impossible due to the reality of work collaboration and the complex, always unique process of building a website, managing a web environment, or open-ended tasks like research. There are many intelligent examinations of this online if you’d like to learn more. If there is no specific budget given, billable work will proceed in a manner that satisfies the client’s requests, scope of work discussed, web development best practices, and exercising time efficiency.

Accepting Work

There might be online work you need that is not within the Sonni Web scope. I’m not available in an “on-call employee”, “Virtual Assistant” or “extra set of hands” capacity.  Rather I do focused work designed to achieve the goals, value and services outlined for Sonni Web. Primarily:

  •  managed web hosting,
  • website technical maintenance,
  • ongoing web work and valuable insights for Sonni Web hosted websites in the form of a retainer,
  • and website redesign.

If a task falls outside of that arena, I might not be the best suitable resource. It is possible that I will turn down work that is outside my scope of services.

Advanced Custom Programming and Software Development

My partnership with Onyx Edge Hosting provides access to software engineers whom I can engage for advanced technical work. Examples: custom software work such as database builds (think: Membership software, customer database, custom e-commerce system), custom apps, widgets, scripts, Slack bots, iOS/Mac app development, micro-services, etc. This would be subject to the availability and suitability of the Onyx Edge team and is quoted on a per project basis. Deanna acts as project manager and liaison, but the work is entirely executed by the Onyx Edge team and is subject to their own terms and rates. A Retainer is required.

thank you!

Deanna Sonni

your strategic web partner