A Broad Overview

1. Hosting

We start with transferring your website over to the Onyx Edge hosting platform. Great hosting is the foundation to a successful website, and often many website problems and performance issues are solved just by moving to our platform. Our hosting service is a pre-requisite for any client work.

2. Website Improvements

Optional but recommended. We do a comprehensive website audit and apply website-side improvements to get your site up to our high standards. This could be image and assets compression, scripts optimization, minification, caching, missing on-page SEO elements, poor on-page content structure that has a negative effect on the user side and google’s side, an accurate sitemap, deleting unnecessary or known problematic plugins, etc.

2. Or, Web Design and Development

Need a new website? Great! This is the ideal route to take since you’ll have a strong team behind your full website environment ensuring high quality work from the ground up. We’ve streamlined the web design and development process by pre-building the skeletal foundations your website will need. This saves you significant web development costs. Next, we strategize, build and customize to fit your website needs, audience and style guide to create a cohesive, elevated and professionally designed website.

3. Web Development for Long Term Care

Optional but recommended. A monthly retainer for web development work. Maintain a high standard with your website investment by ensuring a strategic partner is on hand to apply any website work needed. It takes a lot of time, trial and error to find quality web developers that don’t charge agency prices. We will structure in a set amount of hours a month to be available for whatever website work you need. This also gives us more time to perfect the many layers and nuts and bolts of your site – improving the macro and micro elements.

4. The Result

A high performing, well-done website that your users and google will love. Now you have a strategic web partner to maintain a high quality web presence, so you can focus on your business while protecting and maintaining your web investments.

Maybe you just need hosting + technical maintenance. Maybe you need all three! Either way, your website will greatly benefit from our proprietary and unique approach to full spectrum, high standards website care.
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