Sonni Web

  • Your business needs a high performing website that your users and google love.
  • Your business needs a go-to strategic online partner to handle your web needs.


Finding a qualified and reliable resource to properly build, maintain and care for your entire web environment– from hosting to website updates and all the confusing stuff in between –  is difficult.

Reliable, High Standard Web Solutions

Sonni Web developed as a solution to the problems our clients faced before they started working with us.

Every website that came our way was in poor shape, semi-dysfunctional, not mobile friendly or SEO optimized, buggy, and built in a way that made changes a messy ordeal. Their cheap hosting was also not serving their website and therefore online business goals well, either. Most of these issues were unknown to the client. We felt angry that our clients, in our opinion, had been ripped off by a web resource whom they entrusted would build something well. They got the job done on the surface without caring about the long-term consequences of their work. All wasted cost and wasted sales, goals, and conversion opportunities.

Every client had a website, hosting, or contractor/agency situation that we found unacceptable.

These hired resources didn’t provide the client with a partner who genuinely cared about the success, performance and longevity of their online business.

Clients were finding “hired hands” that did not provide actual value.


we can relate!

[enter: real talk]

We too were done working for agencies that simply didn’t know what they were doing, had low caliber knowledge and standards but were great at sales-talk, confidence, and social media, so the clients thought they were getting their money’s worth, at least for a while. It’s uncomfortably common for people to hire resources that give inaccurate, outdated or simply wrong information and “expertise”. It bothered us not only on an ethical level, but also how inadequate these expensive outcomes were. Bad tech, bad taste, bad UI, etc…

And agencies are often a hot mess to deal with unless you have the six figures to invest in a top-notch agency. Bloated processes and surprise pricing among other causes are the reason agencies notoriously have a high churn rate.

Clients leave agencies, and usually unsatisfied. To date, not one client has left Sonni Web.

We wanted to provide a service that was a solution not only to the difficulties clients face navigating the web world, but also a solution to the problematic realities of the web industry clients often don’t even know about.

Our holistic service and high-touch, proactive care provides
long term value for your business.

We are best suited for the client that is:

  • Looking for a comprehensive and custom web environment solution.
  • Wanting premium tech, service, knowledge sets, a sharp designer’s eye, and reliability.
  • Understands the value and efficiency in doing things well – from the art to the science.
  • Knows there’s a higher cost to doing things poorly.

Businesses also don’t have time – nor should invest time – to become part-time website troubleshooters or freelancer recruiters. It’s frustrating, time consuming and a rarity to find a strategic online partner. Sonni Web takes care of your website and web environment so you can stop burning resources and focus on what YOU do best.

3 main reason why your website can become problematic, ineffective and financially wasteful:

  • your developer and/or the bad advice and opinions you implement.
  • your web hosting
  • and the lack of website maintenance.

They’re also the 3 key players to a website’s success!

  • We provide a time-saving and seamless solution to handle all three of these aspects with care and high standards.

Just like how it would be ideal to have a strategic partner for your car maintenance – someone who knew how to source the best and most fair car mechanic out there, so that you don’t keep going to a dishonest/under-skilled mechanic that will have you coming back year after year for unnecessary cyclical problems.

“Ensure web work is done right the first time, or waste time and money later.”

This is the lesson many people learn when they navigate the complex world of web development. Sonni Web is the solution to this common problematic scenario, and provides clients with a one-stop solution for a smooth, efficient, reliable process for their website needs, from the foundational tech to what the user experiences.

A website is a big investment, and it needs to be an investment that serves you well long term.

This means ensuring the 3 key players to a successful website are maintained in top shape 24/7 by pros!

Let Sonni Web give you peace of mind by covering your business website hosting, technical maintenance, design/build if needed, and ongoing engagement with site updates and care. Complete web care in one spot.

We specialize in high performing, SEO focused web hosting and technical maintenance with boutique level care, and we specialize in modern, effective websites that convert. That means no clutter, no amateur graphics or bad taste that distract from the message or annoy the user. A polished, modern, sophisticated website that has a clear goal is the best way to communicate to your target audience. Today’s web user is picky with high standards, and our work reflects a higher expectation.