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Work from home? Ways to switch your desktop from work to personal

Ways to separate your work from personal computer screen if you work from home.

Work From Home Tip: LOG OUT

It’s important for your mental health to turn off work mode. This includes changing your computer to be work-free. We often mix the two creating an ever present work environment and presence. But to best honor yourself, and best serve your clients, it’s important to show up refreshed and engaged, which requires hard no-work time, and personal time. You can only achieve this if you disengage to allow your brain to rest and process.

Ensure your desktop and browsers “turn over” from Work to Personal when you’re done for the day. Here’s the best options:

  • Create different Mac profiles
  • Switch to Desktop 2. On a Mac laptop hover over the top of your screen or view Mission Control and you will see Desktop 1, Desktop 2 and the option for more.
  • Create different Google profiles
  • Create different Chrome profiles

Creating a different Mac profile is the easiest since your whole environment from desktop to browser profiles is ready to go.

Just google “how to…” with the above to find easy visual instructions.