Hi! I’m Deanna Sonni

Thanks for checking out Sonni Web. I’ve been in web development, design and the online business space – both freelancing and agency – for over 7 years. It’s rewarding to help businesses thrive by creating successful online environments that measures up to today’s high standards. I’ve been part of so many business developments, growth, pivots, and strategies and the best part is being able to utilize this eclectic experience to bring high value and help clients level up and streamline their online environment.

I received a BA in Communication from University of Washington; lived in Berlin and traveled extensively (I still turn into a digital nomad from time to time); was COO at a startup in Seattle; started my own late-night food delivery service (pre Instacart era); and consulted for businesses in Napa and Sonoma Valley. All the while gaining web and online business knowledge in every direction and working with a multitude of web apps, tools, digital media, strategy, and design. I apply this diverse experience to holistically help businesses develop a complete, impactful web presence.

I made art before I made websites. This skill is a strong advantage to web development and design since it’s about visual communication and effectiveness. Color theory, composition, what makes our eyes move around and capture our attention, volume, white space, balance, visual hierarchy, etc., all play a crucial role in an effective user experience and part of the holistic web expertise I provide. The fusion of my art, business and web background provides a unique perspective of seeing the visual and functional components that make a website effective and fantastic.

Why Sonni Web

You need a high performing website that users and google love. But..

  • Finding a strategic online partner is difficult.
  • Finding a qualified resource to properly care for your web environment is difficult.

Sonni Web developed as a solution to the problems our clients faced before they started working with us. Every website that came our way was in poor shape, semi-dysfunctional, not mobile friendly or SEO optimized, buggy, and built in a way that made changes a messy ordeal. Most of these issues were unknown to the client. We felt angry that our clients, in our opinion, had been ripped off by someone whom they entrusted would build something well. Every single client had a website or hosting situation that we found unacceptable.

Clients were finding “hired hands” that did not provide actual value.

Businesses also don’t have time – nor should invest time – to become part-time website troubleshooters or freelancer recruiters. It’s frustrating, time consuming and a rarity to find a strategic online partner and a qualified resource with high standards to properly care for a web environment. Sonni Web takes care of your website and web environment so you can focus on your business.

The reason why your website can become problematic, ineffective and financially wasteful is from 3 things:

  • your developer
  • your web hosting
  • and the lack of website maintenance.

They’re also the three key players to a website’s success.

We wanted to provide a solution to handle all three of these aspects. Just like how it would be ideal to have a strategic partner for your car maintenance – someone who knew how to source the best and most fair car mechanic out there, so that you don’t keep going to a dishonest mechanic that will require you to come back in a year for unnecessary cyclical problems.

“Ensure web work is done right the first time, or waste time and money later.” – this is the lesson many people learn when they navigate the complex world of web development. Sonni Web is the solution to this common problematic scenario, and provides clients with a one-stop solution for a smooth, efficient, reliable process for their website needs, from the foundational tech to what the user experiences.

A website is a big investment, and it needs to be an investment that serves you well long term.

We specialize in high-performing, SEO focused web hosting and technical maintenance with boutique level care, and we specialize in modern, effective websites aimed at converting. That means no clutter, no amateur graphics or bad taste that distract from the message or annoy the user. A polished, modern, sophisticated website that has a clear goal is the best way to communicate to your target audience. Today’s web user is picky with high standards, and our work reflects a higher expectation.

Hi! I’m Luke Heuer

While I may have over twenty years of experience with programming and significant professional experience within the industry, it is because I started very young. I first began learning how to program, build websites, and manage Linux systems when I was thirteen years old. Before completing high school I created a popular website sharing my passion for programming and technology, worked professionally with businesses and individuals on a contract-basis, took college courses to further my technology career, and was recruited by a Bay Area tech start-up. 

I’ve continued voraciously studying computer science and software engineering and now have over twenty years of experience ranging from working on small, fast-moving start-up teams to large teams at corporations, working independently, leading teams, and even building and leading within my own successful highly technical businesses. I’ve personally bootstrapped businesses that garnered enormous popularity, millions of users, and sustained top-chart positions on the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play Market for almost half of a decade. 

Currently, I run Onyx Edge Hosting and do software consulting.

I’ve enjoyed helping others build and expand their businesses, products, and teams. Regardless of the size or stage of your business or project or how ambitious your goals are, I can help you make rapid, significant progress. I offer free one-hour consultations with absolutely zero obligations. If you are looking for someone who will put as much care, thought, and effort into your business as they do their own, let’s have a chat and see if we can work together. You can contact me here.