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Nonprofit Work

We volunteer our suite of services and custom built a sponsorship database management engine for the nonprofit Energy for Human Rights (Energia per i diritti umani). An Italian nonprofit helping children and communities in need in a variety of ways spanning India to Africa. Guided by a Humanist objective, Energia runs multiple campaigns from Stop Malaria, to supporting children and their villages, to building learning centers and providing education and resources so that communities can better provide for their villages.

Check out their Campaigns below and please considering supporting their amazing causes.

Every human being, by the mere fact of being born, has the right to health, nutrition, education, housing and a dignified existence. Every human being has the right to happiness and the fullness of his or her existence.

Energy for Human Rights

Stop Malaria

Stop Malaria is a campaign promoted by Energia for Human Rights in Senegal and Gambia that aims at raising awareness, prevention and treatment of Malaria.

We want to raise public awareness of the seriousness of the problem and denounce those responsible, with the aim of generating a great wave of protest and pressure on national and international institutions to fully commit themselves to the fight against this disease. Our volunteers and international partners are concentrated in key areas of Africa.

How You Can Help

Visit their site to learn how you can help. A simple one-time or recurring donation via PayPal or Stripe, or volunteering can make a big difference!

How You Can Help

Support from a Distance

(Sostegno a Distanza / “SAD”)

We support boys and girls from countries less fortunate than ours so they can go to school, take care of themselves, live a dignified life, and remain in their own country and with their family.

We aim to improve the life of the whole community and not just the individual child. SAD develops community projects such as the creation of kindergartens, schools, vital resources, and lifelong learning centers for the entire village known as the Multipurpose Humanist Centers.

How You Can Help

Directly sponsor an individual child in one of the communities we help support.
Support the various projects SAD is engaged with.

Over the past 24 years, Bakes For Breast Cancer has made breast cancer research possible. And that’s thanks to everyone who’s baked, eaten, donated, sponsored, and volunteered.

Bakes for Breast Cancer

Bakes for Breast Cancer

We donate 50% of our services and resources for B4BC so that they have the web and hosting resources they need for their busy and robust website, while keeping the crucial funds they need for their non-profit. We designed, built, host, manage and update their website.

How You Can Help

If you are a food business in the New England area, consider participating in their Bakes for Breast Cancer events, or directly donate on their website. 

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