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For Any Website

Browse around examples of our work and pre-approved looks, layouts, branding, typography, and aesthetics to get an idea of possibilities and inspiration. 

We strategize, build and customize to fit your website needs, business goals and brand style guide to create a cohesive, elevated and professionally designed website.

Whether you are a yoga studio or a financial service, give your business an edge by having a fast, modern, user friendly website that your target audience and google will love.

Web Design Strategy and Aesthetic Perspective

The web world gets the benefit of large data to learn from: What do users like, how does our brain and eye work on the web, how does our psychology respond, user psychographics, how does every instance of color, scale, space and visuals shape our experience and perception, what does google like, what works best on phone, etc. There’s an objective side to web design and how we experience the web – what’s literally effective (the science), and what’s attractive (the art), and the beauty and skill is knowing how to blend the two. A quick answer is to say that websites perform best when they are simple (because mobile dominates), polished, expensive looking, easy to navigate with clear call to actions, and every feature is intentional, consistent and serves the user.

A website also sets a visual and functional tone for your business. If it’s easy to navigate, polished, professional, user-friendly, and well done, then your customers/clients will think that about your business as a whole. Users will go with the more modern, upscale site as it conveys trustworthiness and authority. So ensure that is your site! This is what we achieve. It’s a first and lasting impression that really matters!

Our skillset lies in this broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary principles to bring our clients effective and fantastic websites that elevate the communication and feeling towards their brand and business.

We’ve streamlined the web design and development process and provide higher visibility and choice into a process that’s normally obscure. We also build in a way that maintains flexibility so your website can grow with you. Websites are usually built “in cement” making it an expensive project to change even small things. Unfortunately this is a scenario that developers conceal, and clients soon realize they cannot easily edit their website as expected. Our process allows your website to be as fluid and adaptable as you need.

Beautiful, polished and modern minimalist layouts and features for:

Professional services and offers. Landing pages. Sales pages. Ecommerce. Contact forms. Galleries. Sliders. Typography. Portfolios. Photography. Hero sections. Call to Actions. About and Team pages. Video. Blog layouts, and more.

*mouse/finger/click to swipe. Click on image to open a bigger version.

Sonni Web offers an all-inclusive process to design and build your website; keep it in top shape with ongoing maintenance, updates and development work; and provide fully managed web hosting for optimal performance and making your users and google happy. Your complete web environment and web care in one spot.