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We know your web needs are unique, so we look forward to learning more about your goals and discussing the best plan for your success online.

We partner with Onyx Edge hosting. If you need to talk about hosting, software, or advanced technical needs, feel free to contact them on their site.

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We aren’t sales people, just design and tech nerds, so information and explanation of value is all you’ll see on our website, no marketing speak. Our information is meant to be easily understood so let us know if you’d like expanded technical information on anything mentioned.


I already have a website. How can I use your hosting?

No problem! This is our most common scenario. We simply transfer your site over to our hosting platform. We create a duplicate of your site – website assets, DNS settings, everything – onto our hosting, and when all looks good the final step is transferring over the domain to point to your new, faster site. Next, we recommend our technical maintenance service for long-term care, but that’s optional and up to you.

I'm an Agency/Freelancer looking for a web hosting platform for my client sites.

You’re in the best place with us! Your clients will be thrilled at the high performance hosting your agency is providing. You’ll benefit from outsourcing the complete hosting facility and management to us, meanwhile passing along the premium Onyx Edge Hosting benefits to your clients. We can set you up with as many websites as you need and send over full access details so you have complete control over your web access and assets, just like any standard web hosting, but better!

My website / web environment / apps have major hosting and resource needs. Do you offer that?

Yes. Onyx Edge Hosting provides all of the vital supporting services and features that more robust, complex websites and applications need to run optimally. Advanced software is where they shine. They implement the best delivery platform tailored to your specific application, monitor its performance and reliability at all times, optimize it, and support you at every opportunity.

Check out their website to learn more and feel free to contact them for a consultation.

I want a new WordPress website. Do you offer hosting and web development?

Yes! We can design, build, manage and host your website. This is the ideal route to take since you’ll have a strong team behind your full website environment ensuring high quality work from the ground up, and reliable maintenance.

I need custom work done on my site. How can you help?

We offer web development and advanced software development to our hosting clients. We require our clients to be on our web hosting platform to ensure the best performance and development control.

Sonni Web offers an all-inclusive process to design and build your website; keep it in top shape with ongoing maintenance, updates and development work; and provide fully managed web hosting for optimal performance and making your users and google happy. Your complete web environment and web care in one spot.