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If you’re into color hues and discovering color palettes, here’s some fun tools.

If you are formally trained in art like me, color harmony and building color stories comes more naturally with your trained eye, and these tools aren’t as needed. You’ll probably skip these tools and make digital color scheme decisions based on a breadth of factors from traditional color theory, to web design and user considerations. But for everyone else, these tools are fun and insightful!


This one is fun. Pick 50 colors you like from an endless selection. Then Khroma intelligently creates color combos for you from your selection. It helps you realize the colors you tend to like, and acts as a color scheme and color pairing inspiration board.

Sorted CSS Colors

An easy click-around experience.

Color Hunt

An easy click-around experience.

Color Box

This one is more of a tool and requires some knowledge of working with digital color.

Adobe Color

If you know the hex code of your primary color, you can use this tool to show different color harmonies. For example, Sonni Web is more of an analogous color scheme which means the colors are close to each other on the color wheel.